Crown Jewels

Every organization has a lifeblood; this can be described as the main activity that keeps the organization in business. Crown Jewels –the lifeblood, are critical systems (including the data) that keep the organization successful and competitive.

In the case of government agencies, crown jewels are usually the citizens’ data and the systems that house that data. An organization’s Information Officers should be able to identify the organization’s crown jewels within 10 seconds, with their eyes closed; this emphasizes the importance. Identification of crown jewels is relevant to determine the level of controls required to protect them and to target security controls around the jewels.  


Expert Opinion - Crown Jewels


Control Objective

The control objective in this area is to identify the Crown Jewels, list them on an inventory, and outline what data they may contain. The inventory may also contain which systems interact with the Crown Jewels (integrations). Finally, review the inventory regularly and protect it.


Defend and Protect Your Crown Jewels for Data Protection

Crown Jewels Template

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  • Review the document regularly