Next Steps and Templates

IM/IT Capital Investment Intake Template

IM/IT Capital Investment Consultation List

Copperleaf C55 is now used for the entry and submission of both Concept Cases and Business Cases. Below are sample outputs of the business case report and the financial details.

Concept Case

Business Case

IM/IT Capital Reporting

IM/IT Capital Investment Project Management Tools


IMIT Capital Project Management Tools Overview (PPT)

  1. OCIO Action Item Log (XLS)
  2. OCIO Agenda for Kick-off Presentation (DOC)
  3. OCIO Change Request Log (XLS)
  4. OCIO Communication Plan Checklist and Tracker (DOC)
  5. OCIO Communication Plan Tracker (XLS)
  6. OCIO Decision Log (XLS)
  7. OCIO Deliverable Overview and Acceptance Form (DOC)
  8. OCIO Deliverable Log (XLS)
  9. OCIO Issue Log (XLS)
  10. OCIO Master Plan (XLS)
  11. OCIO Project Charter (DOC)
  12. OCIO Project Status Report (XLS)
  13. OCIO Confidential Info Management Plan Checklist (DOC)
  14. OCIO Quality Management Plan (DOC)
  15. OCIO Quarterly Status Report for OCIO (XLS) - Please see above for template
  16. OCIO Resource Plan Checklist (DOC)
  17. OCIO Risk Log (XLS)
  18. OCIO Training Log Checklist (DOC)
  19. OCIO Project Management Plan (DOC)
  20. OCIO Org Change Management Plan Checklist (DOC)