Planning an IM/IT Capital Investment

As part of its responsibility, the IM/IT Capital Investment Branch has enhanced its processes to promote collaboration among ministries, catalyze horizontal planning across government, and create efficiencies in the way government plans and funds IM/IT investments.

To this end, and consistent with recognized industry best practices, the Concept Case has been introduced as the starting point for IM/IT investment planning. The Concept Case is a short starting document aimed to promote collaboration, prioritize investments, and reduce work for ministries through early identification of projects that may be selected for funding. Once a Concept Case has been approved by DMCPSI ministries will receive a notice from IM/IT Capital Investment Branch to prepare and submit a Business Case for OCIO review and DMCPSI consideration.  When developing the Business Case ministry staff should ensure that they follow the procedures laid out in the Core Policy manual and other approved guidance documents and consult with offices across government with responsibility for the procedures and guidance. This consultation document will be updated as information changes. A list detailing the areas across government for consultation as part of the planning process is available under templates

Copperleaf C55 software and processes are now being used to prepare and manage all concept cases and business cases. Further information on using C55 for planning and developing cases is available on the templates page.