IM/IT Capital Investment Management Framework

While ministries are responsible for the execution and management of their DMCPSI-approved IM/IT projects (phases depicted in grey below), the IM/IT Capital Investment Branch has overall governance responsibility for IM/IT capital investments. This includes:

  • development of planning and prioritization criteria;
  • assessing strategic alignment;
  • reviewing and prioritizing projects;
  • recommending projects to DMCPSI;
  • financial management of the overall IM/IT capital investment envelope; and
  • monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance of projects to verify the benefits of.

IM/IT Capital Investment Management Framework

Included are the IM/IT Capital Investment Framework (PDF, 795KB) and the Standard Conditions for All Projects (PDF, 107KB) documents.

The following diagram depicts at a high level, the lifecycle process of a typical IM/IT capital investment, and the IM/IT Capital Investment Branch’s involvement in various phases, from initiation to close out:

IM/IT Capital Investment Lifecycle

In addition to the general processes for management of IM/IT investments, Major IM/IT projects (greater than $10M per annum, or $20M in total), must be approved by Treasury Board and follow the processes outlined in the documents below.

Major IMIT Capital Planning Process (PDF)
Major IMIT Capital Planning Process Diagram (PDF)