C55 FAQs

I can’t reach the Copperleaf C55 URL

The user must be on the government network to reach the URL. No access is allowed from outside the network unless connected by VPN.

How do I login?

C55 uses IDIR authentication, so your IDIR ID is required to login. On some screens, you may need to specify IDIR\{your IDIR ID}.

I only see a blank page after logging in, or a message indicating you are not authorized to continue.

You have no authorization to use C55, or it has not been entered into the system yet. Complete an access request.

The application appears to be down.

If it is 6 - 9 am on a Sunday morning, you are probably right. Otherwise it should be up so please raise a note to IMITCapInvest@gov.bc.ca.

Application is not responding or does not render the page properly.

Internet Explorer 11 (and up) is the only truly supported browser. As of version 10.2, there are still a few places where Silverlight is used (such as financials pages). While Firefox and Chrome with Silverlight installed will generally work, it is not tested or supported. Safari does not work properly.

Application is not responding or does not render the page properly using IE 11.

The browser is out of memory. It  can happen when multiple tabs are open or a very long session is run. Restart the browser.

I want to edit some details but it isn't obvious how to do it from the page I'm on.

You generally have to navigate to an Investment Details, Option Details or Risk & Asset Details page to edit. There are potentially two ways, both using the triangle icon. The first way is to use the right pointing triangle in the bread crumbs at the top of the page. The triangle will provide a menu of choices, including Investment Details and Option Details.

You may also see a downward pointing triangle next to a portfolio investment, or an individual asset listed in the asset hierarcy. Click on the triangle to see a menu of choices.

I seem to be bouncing back and forth using the same window? Can't I open multiple windows?

Yes! When you are navigating to another part (e.g. opening an investment details page), once you see the Investment Details link right click on the link and select either Open (the default value) or Open in New Window.