Short-Form RFP Training

Full-day, in-person training on the B.C. Government Short-Form RFP is available to both ministries and vendors. We anticipate that sessions will be offered at least twice per year in Victoria or Vancouver, or on as requested basis.

Ministry Training

The ministry sessions allow participants to learn through hands-on experience how to complete the SRFP SmartForm, how to issue an SRFP, and where to find information on managing the process. When SRFP Ministry Training is scheduled, ministry employees can view the available sessions and register through the BC Public Service Learning Centre. Simply search for “SRFP” in the catalog items.

If you would like to request customized group training, please email us.

Vendor Training

The vendor sessions allow participants to walk through the SRFP SmartForm and learn about the SRFP process, what should be included in responses and how to complete the proposal form (Appendix A). Each participant will be asked to write a proposal and then evaluate others' responses.

Participants must understand the scope of the SRFP and the objective of the training before signing-up. The scope of the SRFP is for opportunities valued at nor more than $250,000 per year, on average, where more than price is being evaluated.

If you would like to request customized group training, please email us.

Short-Form RFP Training Aids

Attached to the right, please find the training aids that are used as part of this training.  This includes the slides used for both the ministry and vendor training sessions, as well as the sample SRFP and its corresponding Appendix A proposal form for the vendor training.


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