Changes to the SRFP Rules: Terms and Conditions

The SRFP Rules: Terms and Conditions were updated as of August 24, 2016.  Any Short-Form Request for Proposals (SRFPs) posted on or after this date will have the updated Rules applied.

Following is a brief overview of what has changed.  However, this is not an interpretation of the SRFP Rules nor is it legal advice.  Vendors who may submit a proposal to any SRFP are encouraged to obtain their own legal advice on how the SRFP Rules impact their proposal and the resulting contract.

Changes have been made to the following sections of the SRFP Rules:

All other SRFP Rules remain as they were, although numbering may have changed.


1. Definitions

Updates have been made to the definitions for “Closing Location” “include(s)”, “Ministry” and “SRFP”.


2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Edited for added clarity on what constitutes acceptance.


3. Submission of Proposals

This is a new section that was developed to address all possible delivery options (including email) that may apply to SRFPs.  Subsequent sections have been renumbered.


8. Currency and Taxes

This section (formerly section 7) has been updated to reflect the changes that the Bank of Canada is making regarding the posting of exchange rates.


10. Changes to Proposals

Slight wording change has been made for clarity (formerly section 9).


12. Subcontractors

Paragraph (c) has been edited to add clarity of what constitutes a conflict of interest specific to subcontractors.  Direction that prohibits the use of a subcontractor’s eBidding key has been moved to the new section 3 of the SRFP Rules.  This was formerly section 11.


18. Limitation of Liability & Proponents’ Expenses

This section combines the former section 17 Proponents’ Expenses with the former section 18 Limitation of Damages.  The language has been updated for a more precise meaning.


22. Legal Entity

Slight edit was made to add clarity to sole proprietorship names.


29. Trade Agreements

This new section was added to make reference to trade agreements that may apply to a specific SRFP.


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