SRFP SmartForm Tips for Buyers

Issues with using the SRFP template can often be resolved by following one or more of the following tips:

1) Download the SRFP documents using Internet Explorer wherever possible. Chrome, Safari and Firefox's PDF viewers do not handle SmartForms in the same manner as Explorer. These other browsers can be used, but some changes to their settings are necessary. Watch this video to learn how open the SRFP SmartForm in different browsers.

2) Use the latest version of Adobe Reader, as there are some issues with older versions and other mobile PDF viewers (Adobe provides a free download of Reader).

3) Once the SRFP working copy is complete, follow this Quick Guide to avoid potential issues:

  1. Click File>Save As, name file “***-Draft” (*** = solicitation number or other descriptor). 
  2. Click File>Save As, name file “***-Final”.  Note that although the files created in steps 1 and 2 are identical, this is an important step to avoid issues later.
  3. Click Preview button.
  4. Press Crtl+S on your keyboard
    • If any mandatory fields were missed, a pop up box will appear; complete any fields outlined in red, and redo steps 1-4.
  5. Click Save Final Version button:
    • A pop up box will appear stating that the SRFP will now be splitting into 2 documents. Click on Yes.
  6. In the Save As box, name file “SRFP-***”, being sure that this name differs from the one used for the working copy files as stated in steps 1 and 2.
    • A pop up will appear stating that the second document, Appendix A will be saved. Click OK
  7. In the Save As box, name file “Appendix A-***”.  It is best to use the same descriptor for the SRFP and Appendix A files as this helps to identify the documents as belonging to the same solicitation.
  8. Exit both documents, reopen them, and verify that everything is correct. If a change needed, open “***-Draft”, make the required edits,  and redo steps 2-8.  Do not use the working copy version that was saved as the final version, as technical issues may occur.


If looking for tips on how to use the SRFP smart form to write a quality SRFP, please refer to the Ministry Writers' Guide.


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