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Not sure what procurement template to use? Refer to Select a Solicitation Process and Template Guidelines to work through the available options and select the most appropriate tool. 

Prior to undertaking any competitive solicitation process, ministries are to confirm that the goods and/or services required are not already available in the Goods and Services Catalogue


The following corporate templates have been approved by the Procurement Governance Office, Office of the Comptroller General and Legal Services for use by all ministries of the Province.  Some ministries may also have their own unique templates (approved by Legal Services) for the specific commodities that they purchase.  For those ministries identified under Ministry Links on the right, before using one of the corporate templates listed below, click on the appropriate ministry link or contact the ministry’s Procurement Specialist to confirm whether a ministry or a corporate template should be used.

Corporate templates are sometimes updated and others are added; several of those listed below have upcoming planned revisions, which may include replacement with Smart Form versions.  Ministries are strongly advised to download the latest template each time a corporate solicitation template is used.

Not sure how to complete these templates? Refer to Prepare Solicitation Documents for guidance on SRFPs, RFPs, ITQs, and RFQs, and to Market Research and Notifications for guidance on RFEIs and RFIs.

Any suggestions for improving these templates should be referred to Shared Services BC. If a ministry creates new templates approved by Legal Services that could become a corporate template that would be listed here, contact Shared Services BC
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