Management Consulting Service Contracts



“Management consulting is an advisory service contracted for and provided to government organizations by specially trained and qualified persons who assist, in an objective and independent manner, the client organization to identify management problems, analyze such problems, recommend solutions to these problems, and help, when requested, to implement the solutions.”



Management consulting is defined by the following characteristics that can be used to identify contracts as management consulting contracts: 

  •  A service which advises and assists;
  • Subject to a formal contracting arrangement;
  • Provided to government organizations;
  • Provided by individuals and firms with special training and qualifications;
  • Is independent and objective;
  • Identifies and analyses management problems;
  • Recommends solutions; and
  • When requested, helps with implementing the solutions.


Scope of Services

  • Management consultants provide services in the following service areas:
  • General management;
  • Financial management;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Information technology management;.
  • Human resource management;
  • Marketing management;
  • Operations management; and
  • Government program management.


Excluded Services

  • Management consulting does not include services provided by licensed professionals working in their professional capacity including, but not limited to: architects, engineers, doctors, and lawyers.


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