Information Technology Service Contracts

These are guidelines for when to use this form of the General Service Agreement and the mandatory Schedules D and F.



The Premier's Technology Council recommended in 2002 that there be a standardization of some of the clauses that appeared in the services contracts with the information technology industry.

A working group of government and industry representatives, in consultation with Legal Services, developed revised solicitation and contract clauses that removed barriers and established a level playing field for all IT contractors trying to obtain work from the Province.  The revised clauses eliminated the concern that government might not receive proposals from the most qualified vendors. They also eliminated the risk of negotiating provisions in a final contract that were not included in the original competitive process.

The current version of the IT/MC GSA reflects the changes made to the GSA in April 2010.  It substantially includes the clauses used in the previous version with minor revisions to clarify the meaning and intent of the clauses.  Special terms that had been included Schedule F have now been integrated into the main body of the agreement.



“Information Technology Services” means any service necessary for the provision of information technology and information management including:

  • Application Development Services for custom applications and custom web-sites, including such services as:
    • business analysis,
    • application architecture planning,
    • application designers/developers,
    • quality assurance testing,
    • application management,
    • technical writing services for application manuals, and
    • application software maintenance.
  • Information Management and Information Technology Consulting Services by persons specially trained and hence qualified to provide advice and recommend solutions on information management and information technology issues such as:
    • IT business analysts,
    • IT security analysts, and
    • Technology architect



This definition does not necessarily apply in the following circumstances.  You must consult with Legal Services, your ministry's Procurement Specialist or Procurement Services for advice prior to procurement:

  • the value of the contract is over $250,000
  • large-scale IT and process outsourcing
  • Alternative Service Delivery initiatives
  • software license and maintenance agreements
  • “help desk” services
  • data processing services
  • telecommunications services
  • equipment support services, or
  • a combination of the acquisition of information technology goods and services,

Sometimes there are Corporate Supply Arrangements or other arrangements in place for these services. 


Not sure?

If you are unsure whether the services you are procuring meet the definition of Information Technology Services, consult your ministry's Procurement Specialist or Procurement Services

In all situations where there are changes to the insurance or indemnification provisions (Schedules D and F), you must consult with Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office.


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