NOTICE: Recent revisions to the Core Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM) and Trade Agreements mean that information,  including references to Chapter 6 Procurement on this page are out of date, links may not work, and should not be relied upon. This web page is being updated. Please visit Chapter 6 for the latest version of CPPM.

NOTE:  Ministry staff should be aware that there may be ministry-specific policy, procedures, templates and guidance for this subject area. Consult the link on the right for the applicable ministry for more information.

Insurance requirements are included in contracts to provide assurance that the contractor can finance their risk. Ministries typically have their own insurance matrix relevant to the programs they deliver. The Risk Management Branch & Government Security Office (RMB) can assist ministries and government corporations with general insurance questions and advice about insurance types, amounts and related contract language for specific circumstances. 

Ministry staff can find general Forms and Guidelines information and supports for insurance requirements in government contracts (access restricted to ministries only). 

Province of British Columbia Certificate of Insurance (form FIN 173)

Chapter 6 - 6.3.3.e.11 of the Core Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM) states that ministries must ensure the contractor’s agent or broker completes and signs the Province of British Columbia Certificate of Insurance (FIN 173 MS Word or FIN 173 fillable pdf), in compliance with the insurance requirements of the contract.

Ministry staff can learn how to review a completed form to ensure it meets requirements on the Forms and Guidelines page (access restricted to ministries only). 

Insurance Companies

Insurers must be licensed to do business in Canada. To confirm a particular insurer, check the B.C. Financial Services Authority or the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. Government staff can contact RMB for exceptions.

Provincial Construction Insurance Program

The Risk Management Branch manages a province-wide owner controlled construction insurance program that encompasses public sector construction projects. 


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