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In summer 2015, the public submitted feedback on technology requirements of the replacement BC Bid system through the OpenHub website, which is now closed.  Before asking a question on the project, please read the archived discussion to see if there is already an answer available.

  • Submit a new question on the project, which may be answered directly and/or posted to this forum.  

1) Why not collaborate with Alberta and Saskatchewan on a western bidding portal?

  • Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan signed a participation agreement with the intent of running a joint procurement process for the full “Source to Contract” technology in August 2016.
  • The Provinces participated as evaluators on the initial RFQ, but since then, the scope of the new solution was reduced. A new selection process is planned to be launched this fall.

2) Why not adopt technology from another jurisdiction?

  • Ontario recently implemented a cloud-based sourcing solution where its data resides outside of Canada and B.C.’s FOIPPA legislation makes this option unviable.
  • The federal government is in the process of procuring sourcing technology; however, there are scope alignment issues and BC has to consider trade agreement commitments for open procurement.

3) Do posting organizations have the ability to view a vendor’s response in current BC Bid system?

  • Organizations can see when an e-bid has been submitted, but not when one is started. Once the opportunity has closed, organizations can only see the name of the respondent.
  • Here is where to find more information on how to use BC Bid and FAQs on BC Bid.

4) Will the new system have the ability for posting organizations to view vendor profiles?

  • This feature is on list of requirements for the future solution:
    • “The Solution should have Dashboard ability to display suppliers by various filters”
    • “The Solution should allow buyers to quickly see a supplier's history in terms of how many solicitations they were invited to, how many they participated in, how many they declined and their most recent activity”
  • Once the selection process is completed, further review may be needed to determine if any aspects of a supplier’s profile may need to be kept confidential due to privacy legislation.


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