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1. What is the timeline to implement the new BC Bid?

The Ministry of Citizens’ Services awarded the BC Bid replacement contract to CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc (CGI) in 2018 and the ministry held a small group pilot with the new system in June 2019. The results of this pilot and other user testing are currently guiding implementation.

2. Why is BC Bid being replaced?

The current BC Bid was procured in 1995, and no longer meets the modern requirements of eProcurement, nor does it meet the needs and expectations of users (buyers, suppliers and the broader public sector).

3. Why is it taking so long to get the old BC Bid system replaced?

The Province redefined the project in 2017 to ensure the new BC Bid meets the modern and diverse requirements of the various stakeholders that will use the new system. Acquiring a new solution of this size takes time and the Province is working diligently to ensure the  new system provides the best product at the best value.

4. What company has government decided to work with?

In 2018, the Ministry of Citizens’ Services awarded the contract for the BC Bid replacement project to CGI.

5. Who will be benefit from the new BC Bid system?

The new BC Bid system will:

  • Enable businesses to better manage their profiles and documentation and submit responses in using the new platform.
  • Allow businesses to set up automated processes to streamline their monitoring and submission activities.
  • Enable core government ministries and broader public sector (BPS) organizations to automate and standardize templates and processes, which will reduce the time being spent to create and evaluate procurement opportunities.
  • Provide new searching functionality to make it easier for businesses and citizens to find the information they need.

6. Where will all the information in the current BC Bid go?

The Province will ensure that we comply with our commitment to retain historical procurement information and make it available, as and when requested.

7. Will the new BC Bid be mobile friendly so that it can be used with Apple or Android cell phones or tablets?

The new BC Bid will be mobile friendly and can be used on any platform, including computers, tablets and cell phones.

8. Will media and the public still be able to see the contract opportunities that are underway?

Media and the public will still be able to use the public portal to view contract opportunities that are currently underway. The new BC Bid system will include an improved public portal, which will have better navigation and search capabilities.


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