BC Bid Consultation (Archive)


Between June 15, 2015 and September 30, 2015, the B.C. government asked for feedback on technology requirements of the replacement BC Bid system through the OpenHub public engagement website. This site was a successful stakeholder participation tool that received over 100 comments and is now closed.

By engaging users in the planning process, the Province is better informed about the potential benefits of the technology and maintains an agile approach to ensure the project objectives are achievable.  The received feedback was used to further define a solution, allowing for the development of a business case to articulate the potential value of this technology.

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The Requirements

The B.C. government issued the Request for Qualification for the Source to Contract Solution on February 4, 2016, which contained the finalized Pre-Qualification Requirements (as Appendix B).  The following discussion topics correspond to the general categories of the draft requirements document that was used in the engagement process.

Requirements Document Related Discussion Questions
General Discussion 1
Plan/Spend Analytics Discussion 2
Sourcing Discussion 3
Contract Management Discussion 4
Evaluate Discussion 5
Supplier Network Discussion 6
Technical Requirements Discussion 7
Understanding Scope as a Supplier Discussion 8
Key Performance Indicators Discussion 9


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