Procurement and Contract Management Program (PCMP)

Procurement and Contract Management corporate training supports the government’s procurement principles. Procurement of goods, services and construction are based on fair and open public sector procurement: competition, demand aggregation, value for money, transparency and accountability.

Through a series of learning resources, including self-guided e-learning and face-to-face training, participants will gain an appreciation for the spectrum of activities surrounding procurement and contract management. Upon completion of these courses, participants will understand the roles, accountabilities, key principles and seven phases of the life cycle of the procurement and contract management process.

1. PCMP 110: Procurement Foundations

​​This self-directed, web-based course is based on Chapter 6 of the Core Policy and Procedures Manual. The course highlights the roles, accountabilities, key principles and seven phases of the life cycle of the procurement and contract management process (2 – 4 hours)

2. PCMP 201: Contract Management Planning

Introduces the key contract management planning activities in all phases of the procurement process, from Pre-Award and Solicitation to Vendor Relationship Management. Topics include needs assessment, feasibility study, cost-benefit and business case analysis and the preparation of a Contract Management Plan (1 day)

3. PCMP 202: Contract Solicitation, Award and Monitoring

Focuses on key pre-award and solicitation activities, award processes and monitoring activities for effective procurement and contract management. Learners will identify efficient solicitation methods and highest ranked proponents, the development of fair and measurable award and monitoring practices as they analyse the various components of a well planned and executed procurement. This course will benefit procurement managers and administrators in preparing clearly-defined solicitations resulting in well-written proposals (1 day)

4. PCMP 203: Administering and Evaluating Contract Performance

Focuses on Administration and Monitoring, Post-contract Evaluation, Corporate Reporting and Vendor Relationship Management. Learners will explore the evaluation of contract results, contractor performance, corporate reporting, and vendor management, for best practices (1 day)

5. PCMP 204: Law and Ethics in Competitive Procurement

Procurement is a critical function in the BC government, and legal and ethical issues can arise during any stage of the procurement cycle. Procurement and contract staff must ensure competitive solicitations and contracting activities meet the expectations for open, fair and transparent processes. This two-day course focuses on the laws, ethics and behaviours expected of procurement staff, as rooted in trade agreements, government policy, and confirmed in recent court case outcomes (2 days)

6. PCMP: 302 Requests for Proposals

Provides the framework to the planning, development and preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP). This course will allow participants to explore in detail the RFP planning requirements including both routine and complex projects through the preparation of a typical RFP document using established government guidelines and templates (2 days)

7. PCMP: 305 Negotiation Skills

Provides the knowledge, understanding and guidelines to improve your negotiation planning and business relationships through effective negotiation and communication strategies. Participants will be provided opportunities to practice and develop their negotiation skills using various situations common to BC government procurement (2 days)