Information Management and Information Technology Procurement

Information Management and Information Technology Procurement (IMITP) provides three service lines in support of software and software licensing solutions and support:

  • Architecting Services (planning);
  • Reviewing license and subscription agreements; and
  • Facilitating direct negotiations.

IMITP Architecting is the process of integrating information related to technology and business practices within the IMIT domain. It requires early engagement, effective governance, the provision of independent advice, and a solid understanding of the foundation of stakeholder(s) welfare.

IMITP’s objective is the improvement of IMIT procurement outcomes by leveraging people, processes and technology with a focus on software and cloud subscriptions.

IMITPA provides architecting guidance to the Province. This architecting guidance includes a granular analysis of the business context:

  1. Evaluating the stakeholders’ needs, conditions and options (governance)
  2. Conducting market and opportunity analysis
  3. Determining the scope of the business opportunity
  4. Estimating upfront and recurring expenditures
  5. Proposing potential contract types
  6. Designing structural outline of the procurement process
  7. Recommending a high level action plan


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