Procurement Council

Procurement Council is the cross-government committee that:  

  • Promotes procurement best practices within the BC Government
  • Fosters a shared and consistent understanding of procurement and contract management policy and guidance
  • Supports effective collaboration amongst ministries and corporate offices involved in procurement

The council’s scope includes the acquisition of goods, services and construction, through all phases of the procurement life cycle including planning, sourcing, award, monitoring and evaluation. 

The council is not a decision making body, but is an essential advisory body in the development of corporate procurement policy, practice and guidance.   The council provides input and recommendations to:  

  • The Office of the Comptroller General (OCG)
  • Shared Services BC
  • Legal Services Branch
  • The Assistant Deputy Minister Committee on Procurement Transformation
  • The Assistant Deputy Ministers of Corporate Services
  • Other decision making bodies

Each ministry is represented on the council, as well as Risk Management Branch, Legal Services Branch, Chief Financial Officers Council, Corporate Compliance and Controls Monitoring Branch, Corporate Accounting Services, and Procurement Transformation.  Several agencies and Crown Corporations also participate from a best practices sharing perspective.

Procurement Council is co-chaired by the Director, Procurement Governance, OCG and the Executive Director, Procurement Services Branch, Shared Services BC, and meets monthly.

For more information about Procurement Council, please contact the Procurement Council Secretary.  


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