Aboriginal Procurement and Contract Management Guidelines

The Aboriginal Procurement and Contract Management Guidelines encourage and support ministry staff to procure culturally appropriate service delivery to increase the likelihood of positive and effective program outcomes for Aboriginal peoples.

The guidelines are intended to:

  • Support good outcomes through thoughtful planning, consultation and an understanding of cultural and community practices
  • Encourage innovation in government procurement, recognizing that every procurement is unique
  • Invest more time and involve Aboriginal communities in planning, where appropriate, to benefit program and service-delivery outcomes
  • Increase procurement capacity and development within government through the guidelines and continuous learning
  • Be a living document whose real value lies in the ongoing consultation and communication with the Aboriginal communities and persons that each ministry serves.

The knowledge, experience and expertise gained can be documented and shared to promote flexibility within policy and improve program and service delivery.

The guidelines are not mandatory; however, they do provide basic principles available to ministry staff engaging in procurement where programs and services will be delivered to Aboriginal peoples, in Aboriginal communities, or in any other situation where their application may result in better service or program outcomes.

The guidelines operate within the established procurement policy and applicable trade agreements.


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