3. Post Opportunities

How much information to post to BC Bid in addition to the basic mandatory fields is up to the posting entity.  Some organizations post all documentation and details to BC Bid while others may use it as an advertisement to direct vendors to additional information on their own site.

  • Access a detailed guide that provides the steps you take to post an opportunity on BC Bid. 

The following information is required for posting an opportunity on BC Bid:

  • A reference number - one that the posting organization provides or one that is generated in BC Bid;
  • A descriptive title for the opportunity;
  • Contact details (name, title, email address and fax number);
  • An overview or summary of the opportunity;
  • The applicable commodity category(ies) (one or more Goods, Services, or Construction sub-categories);
  • The solicitation documents (or a link to where they will be retained), if applicable; and
  • Closing location/date/time.

Following is a description of the steps required:

1. Log into BC Bid using the username and password for the BC Bid account. If an account does not yet exist, refer to Register to Post on BC Bid.

2. Click Opportunity Notice in the left-hand menu and select the Notice Type from the drop-down list.  Be accurate in the type of notice chosen, as it impacts how the opportunity is advertised on BC Bid.  Refer to Select a Solicitation Process and Template if unsure which type to select or contact the ministry's Procurement Specialist. Then click the Create Document button.

3. Click Solicitation Number and either enter the reference number or click on the number pad icon to have BC Bid generate one.

Posting an Opportunity on BC Bid

4. Click Close Date & Time to open the Tender Notice Control Fields screen. Complete the following mandatory fields on this screen:

  • closing date - click on the calendar icon and select a date;
  • closing time - entire a time using the 24 hour format hh:mm (e.g. 2:00 p.m. would be entered as 14:00);
  • time zone - use the drop down list to select the closing location time zone; and
  • title - enter a descriptive title that will be displayed on the browse screen along with the organization name and document number.  This title will also be used in email notifications to subscribers.  The field has a limit of 64 characters; if space permits, vendors find it useful to include the city or area where the work will be performed or the goods delivered.

This screen also has the following optional fields:

  • opening date - used only if the solicitation includes a public opening after the closing date and time;
  • opening time - used in conjunction with the opening date, in the same 24 hour format as noted above;
  • allow ebid response - e-Bidding is a subscription service in BC Bid which allows subscribers to submit via an e-Bid (note that e-Bidding is not the same as email);
  • postpone the publish date - used if the posting is ready to go, but the actual release date will be postponed to a later date; and
  • postpone publish time - if a postpone publish date is selected, a time must also be entered in a 24-hour format.

Note that the Original Publish Date will be automatically filled in by the system at the time the opportunity is first published.

5. Click No Commodities Selected to select one or more categories for the opportunity.  To select a category, click on the Find Commodity link with the magnifying glass on the left side, and either:

  • Enter a keyword and click the Keyword Search button to search through the options; or
  • Click on the Show Top Level to display a listing of available categories, and choose the binocular icon to select the sub-category that most accurately describes the opportunity.

Once a category is selected, click on Submit Return to add the category to the opportunity notice.  Repeat the process if more than one category applies.

6. Click Supplier Attachments Do Not Exist to upload attachments, if applicable.  Attachments may include the solicitation document and any associated appendices or additional information. for each attachment, enter an attachment title and then click on the Browse button on the right to find the document.  Double-click on the file to return to the screen that allows attachments.  When all attachments have been added, click Submit Return to upload them to BC Bid.  If more than six documents are being attached, click Submit Return to upload the first six and go back to Supplier Attachments Exist; additional spaces for more documents will then be available.

7. Click Summary Details at the bottom half of the screen to enter an overview or summary of the opportunity details.  If applicable, this may be a copy of the summary information found in the solicitation document.  Click Submit Return to save and return to the previous screen.

8. Review the contact name and address, and change, if required, by clicking on the field to open another editable screen.  If e-Bidding is permitted, click on This Document May Not Be Responded Online and change the options.  Refer to the detailed guide for more information.

9. When ready to publish the notice publicly, click Issue Notice in the left-hand menu. Note that an opportunity notice can be created in advance of publishing; the notice is not publicly posted until the Issue Notice is clicked. 

  • If all the mandatory fields have been successfully completed, the Review/Approve screen will appear.
  • If a mandatory field is incomplete or incorrect, the Integrity Check Failed message will appear with additional information.  Complete or correct the data, as required, and choose Issue Notice again.

10. Click Submit Return on the Review/Approve screen to publish the opportunity notice. A “Document Completed” message will appear to confirm that the opportunity notice has been published.

To view what has been published, click on Opportunities on the left-hand menu and the Browse Opportunities by Organization.  Scroll down to click on the organization name; the opportunity will be near the top of the list.


Next Step:  4. Amend Opportunities (if necessary)

Answers to common questions can be found on the FAQ page. For additional assistance, contact the BC Bid Help Desk by email or telephone at 250 387-7301.