4. Amend Opportunities

Sometimes information that is posted on BC Bid needs to be adjusted – for example, if the closing date/time changes or if additional information needs to be posted such as questions & answers, bidder / proponent / respondent meeting minutes or addenda. If this happens, an amendment is required within BC Bid to make changes to the posted information.

More information on when to amend solicitations can be found in Strategies to Receive Quality Submissions, under heading c) Answering Vendor Questions.

The following information is required to make an amendment to an existing opportunity:

  • A brief summary of the change to enter into the Summary Details area; and
  • The amendment details (either a document with amendment information, the full description if no document will be uploaded, or a link to where the changes are posted).

Following is a description of the steps required:

1. Log into BC Bid with the applicable username and password.

2. Click My Documents in the left-hand menu, then Document Search.  The default is to find documents by person.  Click on Search.  The search parameters can be further narrowed by entering a date range for when the opportunity was posted.

3. If the notice was posted by someone else, change the Find By option to "Find by document number" and enter part or all of the opportunity number.  Click the Search button.

4. The search will result in a list of opportunities fitting within the search parameters.  Scroll down to view the search results; click onto the document number to open the opportunity (if there were previous amendments, click on to the latest amendment).

5. Click Amendments in the left-hand menu of the opportunity notice, then Amend Document.  BC Bid will create a draft amendment with yellow Amendment Number noted by the Solicitation Number.

Amending a BC Bid Opportunity

6. Note: Existing information should remain as is in the BC Bid posting.  If changing existing information, follow step 7 below rather than replacing a posted document with a new, amended document.  This helps to ensure the integrity of the process as vendors will easily be able to see what has changed.

7. Click on Summary Details and add a description of the amendment so that vendors will know what they need to view or download to have complete information about the change to the opportunity.  For example, Summary Details for an amendment may look like this: “August 5, 2014: Amendment #3 posted to add Questions & Answers #1 (see Supplier Attachments above).

If the amendment includes an addendum document, click on Supplier Attachments Exist and add the amendment to the list of documents already posted (if any).

If the amendment changes the closing date and/or time, click on Close Date & Time and make the change accordingly.  The Summary Details should state that the closing date has changed, if this applies.

Amending an Opportunity in BC Bid

8. Click Issue Notice in the left-hand menu when the amendment is ready to be published publicly.  A Review/Approve screen will then appear. 

9. Click Submit Return on the Review/Approve screen to publish the opportunity notice.  A “Document Completed” message will appear to confirm that the amendment has been published. 

To view what has been published, click on Opportunities on the left-hand menu and the Browse Opportunities by Organization.  Scroll down to click on the organization name; the opportunity will be near the top of the list.

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Answers to common questions can be found on the FAQ page. For additional assistance, contact the BC Bid Help Desk by email or telephone at 250 387-7301.