Announcing Results

Once the evaluation process is complete, the Province must announce results to the participating bidders / proponents / respondents (see the Core Policy and Procedures Manual section 6.3.3.c.1).  Following is some guidance on how to manage this process.

NOTICE: Recent revisions to the Core Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM) and Trade Agreements mean that information,  including references to Chapter 6 Procurement on this page are out of date, links may not work, and should not be relied upon. This web page is being updated. Please visit Chapter 6 for the latest version of CPPM.

Ministries may have developed their own templates or processes for announcing results of a solicitation.  Refer to the links at the right or contact the ministry's Procurement Specialist.

If the solicitation is an Invitation to Quote for goods that was managed by the Procurement Services Branch, the bid results will be posted to BC Bid automatically.  The guidance provided on this page applies to all other solicitation processes.


Successful Vendor(s)

The successful vendor (i.e. the successful bidder, proponent or respondent), or multiple vendors if applicable, should always be notified of the solicitation results first.  This notification can be emailed to the contact person for the submission.  Sample letters can be found through the Procurement Community of Practice SharePoint site. 

If the solicitation is resulting in a contract, the ministry can arrange a meeting with the successful vendor to negotiate or finalize the contract, as applicable after the initial notification is sent.


Unsuccessful Vendor(s) – Met all Mandatory Requirements

Once the successful vendor(s) is notified of the results, all other vendors (i.e. bidders / proponents / respondents) can be contacted.  For scored solicitation processes, debriefs must be offered to all unsuccessful vendors (see the Core Policy and Procedures Manual section 6.3.3.c.1).

If contract finalization is expected to take less than two weeks, unsuccessful vendors should be notified after the contract is signed.  If finalizing the contract is likely to take two weeks or more, or the ministry is concerned that vendors will hear informally (i.e. outside of official communications from the ministry) about the solicitation results, unsuccessful vendors can be notified of results right after the successful vendor(s) is advised.  In this case, unsuccessful vendors who have met the mandatory requirements and minimum scores should be reminded how long their submissions are valid, just in case a contract cannot be signed with the successful vendor.  Any announcement made is unofficial until the contract or purchase order is executed, as it is always possible that the ministry and the successful vendor are unable to come to agreement.  In this case, the ministry may have the option to offer the award to the next highest-scoring or lowest-priced bidder / proponent / respondent.

Sample notification letters for unsuccessful proponents can also be found through the Procurement Community of Practice SharePoint site.



Unsuccessful Vendor(s) – Missed Mandatory Requirements

If a vendor (i.e. bidder / proponent / respondent) misses a mandatory requirement, they can be notified immediately or when announcements are made to all other unsuccessful vendors.  Announcing immediately is a courtesy to the vendor, as it allows them to plan for other opportunities.  However, since the award will not have been made yet, the vendor may try to convince the ministry to accept their non-compliant submission; non-compliant submissions are not to be accepted, particularly where a contract A/contract B style solicitation has been undertaken (see Mandatory and Weighted Criteria for more information).  Note that a vendor who does not agree that they missed a mandatory requirement may challenge this decision; if any doubt or interpretation is required, contact the ministry’s Procurement Specialist or Legal Services.


No Successful Vendor/Cancelled Process

If the solicitation results in no successful vendor (i.e. all bidders / proponents / respondents either missed mandatory requirements or minimum scores), all participating vendors should be notified of this result and debriefs offered.  If the ministry intends to re-issue the solicitation, notifications should state this.  If only one vendor responded to the opportunity, consider offering a direct award to this vendor if it appears that they are qualified to do the work but failed in the opportunity due to an administrative error.

For example, solicitations are sometimes cancelled for one of the following reasons:

  • New information becomes available that results in the ministry deciding on a different approach; or
  • The budget is no longer available.

If cancelling a solicitation that has closed, notify all participating vendors and include a reason why, if possible.  Let the participating vendors know if a subsequent process is planned (e.g. scope was changed to correspond with the new direction, or scaled back to bring into scope of a revised budget).  If cancelling an opportunity that is currently posted on BC Bid, refer to the guidance found in FAQs: Public Sector Users of BC Bid.


Posting Results

Section 6.3.3.b.11 of the Core Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM) requires ministries to post a contract award summary for all competition solicitations posted on BC Bid.  Contract award summaries should be posted as soon as possible after the contract or purchase order is executed, or the offers are in place, or the pre-qualification list established.  Refer to Post a Contract Award Summary for instructions on how to do this.


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