Now that a vendor has been selected through the pre-award process or a direct award, it is time to notify the bidders / proponents / respondents of the results (if applicable), and finalize the contract.  

For those solicitations that are scored (i.e. the highest scoring submission(s) is successful), unsuccessful proponents / respondents may want information on how their submission was evaluated in order to improve for future opportunities.  Therefore, all unsuccessful proponents / respondents should be offered a debrief session.

If the contract is the result of a direct award, be sure that the rationale for awarding without competition is clear, within policy and on file.

For those who have little experience awarding a contract, contact your ministry's Procurement Specialist or Procurement Services for assistance.  If the solicitation document set out only select contract clauses, the contract is in a form other than the General Services Agreement, or the contract value exceeds $250,000, contact Legal Services for advice and assistance unless Legal Services has already approved the contract form for this award.