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Construction services fall into two types: vertical construction (e.g. buildings) and horizontal construction (e.g. highways). 

This is a very specialized type of procurement, and should only be conducted by individuals who have the authority to undertake and understand the unique considerations of construction tendering on behalf of the Province.  The following organizations are solely responsible for construction procurements on behalf of the ministries:

Do not issue construction tenders without consulting the appropriate ministry.

Construction procurement usually uses specialized Invitation to Tender (ITT) and contract templates developed in collaboration with the BC construction industry, and often has formal components, such as bid bonds and public openings.  ITTs award the construction contract to the lowest compliant bidder.

More general information on ITTs can be found in Select a Solicitation Process and Template Guidelines.  To help plan for the time that an ITT may require, refer to Sufficient Time Posting Guidelines.

Refer to the Capital Asset Management Framework, which includes best practice guidance for planning, procuring and managing publicly funded capital assets. Although the framework applies to any capital assets, it has an emphasis on capital construction. 

Note that any solicitation posted on BC Bid requires an award announcement to be posted as well once the contract is signed.  Refer to Post a Contract Award Summary for more information.

Apprentices on Public Projects

The new Apprentices on Public Project policy applies to construction projects with a Provincial investment greater than $15 million. For projects under $15 million, ministries are encouraged to voluntarily apply the policy, where reasonable. The policy aims to increase the total number of employer sponsors in British Columbia and thereby provide more opportunities for apprentices to gain the skills and experience needed to become certified tradespersons. More information on what projects are considered in-scope for this policy can be found here.  The attached Contract Language document should be incorporated into any contract where this policy applies.

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