Warehousing & Storage

Services you can purchase

General storage and warehousing of assets that belong to and will be used by your organization only. 

Short and long-term storage

  • Accommodate changing programs, seasonal demands and facility moves
  • Secure warehouse and outside compound space for assets of all shapes or sizes
  • Specialty storage requirements available for emergency supplies or assets requiring a controlled environment

Bulk storage

  • Take advantage of large volume purchasing to reduce costs and support operational needs
  • Goods will be shipped to you as needed
  • Can accommodate “bankers boxes” (or equivalent sizes), regular pallet size racking (3’ x 4’ x 4’) or larger pallet size racking (taller than regular)
  • Can store “odd shaped” assets in warehouse or in secure outdoor compound

Courier services

  • Coordinate all your asset transportation needs using a variety of courier services including BC Mail Plus
  • Use an account with a courier of your choice or use our "contracted couriers" and journal voucher back to your warehouse service agreement

Maintenance services

  • Arrange and provide maintenance, repair, cleaning or inspection of assets coming into storage

Inventory management systems and consulting

  • Sales analysis and replenishment information
  • Business case analysis of the options available to meet your off-site storage needs
  • Advice in material handling, inventory control and transportation alternatives
  • Advice on barcode applications, fixed asset management, transportation and inventory management

Note: For storage and warehousing of assets that will be used by or distributed to clients, consider the warehousing & distribution service provided by Distribution Centre Victoria.

Use this arrangement

Step 1: Check if your organization is authorized. Organizations that may use this arrangement are:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector organizations

Step 2: Review the Warehousing & Storage Agreement (PDF, 65KB). Contact AIR Customer Service for information or a quote for services.

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