Commodity Managers

Each good or service is typically managed by a commodity manager or by a dedicated team. You may contact them for specific questions about a good or service in the Catalogue. If you receive an out-of-office notification, email the Procurement Services Branch and your inquiry will be directed to someone who is available.



Commodity Manager

Accommodation Ruth-Ann Webster
Advertising and Marketing Services Ministry Communications Managers
Airlines Bryn Johns
Anti-malware Software Ruth-Ann Webster
Armoured Car Services Jeannette Caissie
Asset Disposal Asset Investment Recovery
Audio Visual Goods and Services Jerry Gauthier
Audio and Visual Professional Services Ministry Communications Managers
Cellular Phones Amanda Helal
Citizen Engagement Services Ministry Communications Managers
Commercial Cards Amanda Helal
Communication Specialists Ministry Communications Managers
Computer, Laptop, & Mobile Accessories Distribution Centre Victoria
Concrete Barriers David Rowson
Concrete Toilet Buildings David Rowson
Courier Services Tracy Michell
Crown Publications Crown Publications
Digital Certificate Service Refer to contact information on Digital Certificate page
Digital Publishing Crown Publications
Document Scanning and Data Capture BC Mail Plus Scanning Services
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Gord Rogers
Emergency Preparedness Distribution Centre Victoria
Employee Safety Monitoring Services Ruth-Ann Webster
Energy Study and Related Services Ruth-Ann Webster / Gord Rogers
Event Management Services Ministry Communications Managers
Executive Coaching Bryn Johns
Facilitation Services Ruth-Ann Webster
Forms Management Distribution Centre Victoria
Framing Services Jacqueline Driesen
Furniture Ruth-Ann Webster
Garbage Receptacles Amanda Helal
Graphic Design Services Ministry Communications Managers
Hardware Bryn Johns
Household Relocation (Employee) Relocation Services
ID Card Production BC Mail Plus
IM/IT Consultant Services (Flextrack VMS) Bryn Johns
IM/IT Security Services Jerry Gauthier
Industry Intelligence Industry Intelligence
Lean/Continuous Improvement Lean BC Office
Learning and Development Jeannette Caissie
LED Street Light Luminaires Bryn Johns
Mail Pick-up and Distribution Tracy Michell
Mail Production BC Mail Plus Production Coordinator
Managed Hosting Services Refer to contact information on Managed Hosting page
Managed Print Services OCIO - Technology Solutions
Managed Sourcing, Supply & Distribution Services Product Distribution Centre
Mobility Devices and Other Durable Medical Equipment Jeanette Caissie
Network, Communications, and Collaboration Services OCIO - Enterprise Services
Office Supplies Cory Bate
Pipe (HDPE, Open Bottom Culvert, or Galvanized Steel) Jerry Gauthier
Playground Equipment Jerry Gauthier
Printing Bill Macadam
Provincial (IDIM) Program OCIO - Client Services
Public Sales Asset Investment Recovery
Publishing Crown Publications
Publishing Distribution  QP Publishing Services
Radios Brian Sugrue
Recognition and Branded Products Jacqueline Driesen
Research Services BC Stats
Secure Electronic Media Destruction Asset Investment Recovery
Seedling Fertilizer Amanda Helal
Shredding (Paper) – On-site and Off-site  Bryn Johns
Signage Paula Peterson
Temporary Help Jeannette Caissie
Tires and Tubes Brian Sugrue
Translation and Interpretation Ruth-Ann Webster
Uninterruptible Power Supplies Jerry Gauthier
Vehicle Rentals - Daily Gord Rogers
Vehicle Rentals - Monthly Brian Sugrue
Vehicle Fleet Management Brian Sugrue
Warehousing & Distribution  Distribution Centre Victoria
Warehousing & Storage Asset Investment Recovery
Web Writing Ministry Communications Managers
Workstation Services Workstation Services Mailbox
Writing Services Ministry Communications Managers

Contact the Procurement Services Branch

phone 250-387-7300