Queen's Printer Publishing

QP Publishing Services offer affordable publishing services to ministries, public sector organizations, and publicly-funded agencies. 

  • QP Publishing Services produce, manage and sell a wide range of publications through our online bookstore Crown Publications. 
  • Distribution Services offers sales, marketing and distribution of your publications.
  • Digital Publishing creates innovative and affordable solutions to create and manage electronic documents and information services.

Crown Publications   

Government Ministries, public sector organizations, publicly-funded authors and agencies publications can be purchased on our secure online shopping cart.  Account customers will be able to view order history, create templates and save time when ordering publications that they use on a regular basis.

General public customers may also place orders on the online shopping cart.  Payments accepted at this time include American Express, MasterCard or Visa.

Several publications contain links that enable online viewing and downloading.

Distribution Services 

Public sector organizations are encouraged to place their publications on our site for high visibility and distribution opportunities plus royalty collections.

Offering affordable publishing services to Ministries, public sector organizations and publicly-funded agencies, including assistance with design, printing, sales or distribution. Additional services include warehousing and print-on-demand publishing. 

Digital Publishing

XML technology will change the way you do business across your enterprise.  XML is a universal data format for integrated business solutions.  It is an industry standard endorsed by the W3C and supported by all leading software providers.

Develop a common language for your documents so that information can be easily shared between different applications, different types of computers and mobile devices and different networks.

Create custom XML-based E-Libraries where you can access all your reference materials instantly, right from your work station, laptop or mobile device.

In addition, because XML is an open, portable and extensible language, when you convert to an XML system, your data is better able to adapt to future software and hardware changes.


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