LED Street Lights Across B.C.

The Province of B.C., BC Hydro Conservation and Energy Management, and representatives from local governments are collaborating to offer this suite of tools and services to assist with the adoption of LED Street Lights

Who can buy from this supply arrangement?

What can I buy?

What do I need to know?

How do I access these services?

How much does it cost?

Have any questions?

List of vendors/suppliers

Important Information

Who can buy from this supply arrangement?

This supply arrangement is available to:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector

What can I buy?

LED street lights

What do I need to know?

On this site you'll find:

  • A guidance document - How to Purchase through LED Street Lights Across B.C. (PDF, 580KB)
  • A Financial Evaluation Tool (PDF, 100KB) – this tool will calculate pay back period and ROI, and will generate a report for both a business case and a preliminary Conservation and Energy Management application
  • A 10 minute pre-recorded webcast (MP4, 15MB) explaining how the LED Streetlight Luminaire supply arrangement works, the benefits and further resources available to get LEDs into a community
  • Access to pre-qualified lighting consultants through a Provincial Corporate Supply Arrangement: eligible Public Sector Organizations can select a Professional Lighting Designer to assist with LED roadway lighting procurement and implementation
  • Access to pre-qualified LED roadway lighting products through a Provincial Supply Arrangement: eligible Public Sector Organizations can select from a short list of pre-qualified products
  • A link to LightSavers Canada for:
    • Access to case studies, workshops and online training materials
    • A web page to share your LED conversion project with colleagues across Canada

How do I access these services?

  • Contact the supplier directly. Supplier contact information is listed below.

How much does it cost?

  • Cost is dependent upon the supplier chosen and the training or product purchased
  • Ministry employees with idir access may click on the pricing link beside the supplier contact information for pricing/schedule A
  • B.C. broader public sector employees registered with the Procurement Services Branch may either:
    • Use their BCeID to log on and download the pricing/schedule A or
    • Email the Procurement Services Branch to contact the commodity manager for supply arrangement pricing

Have any questions?

  • Email the Procurement Services Branch to contact the commodity manager

List of vendors/suppliers


Represented by                                  
EECOL Electric Corporation
19645 92A Avenue
Langley  BC

Brandon Armstrong
Phone:  604 455-8160

Product Brochure (PDF, 3960KB)

Pricing, AEL (PDF 95KB)*

Goods & Warranty,  (245KB)

CS-000714 Terms & Conditions (PDF, 505KB)

Eaton's Cooper Lighting  Business

See list of authorized resellers (PDF,185KB) for sales

Mac's II Agencies Ltd
Wes Oliver
Phone:  604 395-8272

Product Brochure (PDF, 12MB)

Pricing, Eaton's (PDF, 407KB)*

Goods & Warranty (PDF, 255KB)

CS-000715 Terms & Conditions (PDF, 595KB)

GE Lighting Solutions of Canada Company

See list of authorized resellers (PDF, 185KB) for sales

Varouj Artokun
Phone:  514 420-5626

Product Brochure (PDF, 2750KB)

Pricing, GE Lighting (PDF, 410KB)*

Goods & Warranty (PDF, 255KB)

CS-000716 Terms & Conditions (PDF,580KB)

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.

Represented by Elec-Tech Sales Ltd.
Suite 120 - 11080 Bridgeport Rd
Richmond  BC

John Baron
Phone:  604 278-3044

Product Brochure (PDF, 8130KB)

Pricing, LED Roadway Lighting (PDF, 95KB)*

Goods & Warranty (PDF, 545KB)

CS-000717 Terms & Conditions (PDF, 540KB)

Philips Lighting Canada

See list of authorized resellers (PDF, 260KB) for sales

Represented by SLS Lighting
Burnaby BC

Roy Leininger
Phone:  604 874-2226

Product Brochure (PDF, 17.45MB)

Pricing, Philips Lighting Canada (PDF, 195KB)*

Goods & Warranty (PDF, 430KB)

CS-000718 Terms & Conditions (PDF, 515KB)

Important Information

  • We’re pleased to announce that sample street lights from each of our suppliers are now installed and available to view on North Fraser Way in Burnaby.  The lights will be up for a minimum of 90 days, so if you are nearby over spring 2016 you should plan to have a look.  There are two lights, one at 4000k and one at 5000k (slightly yellower and whiter light, respectively) from each manufacturer, with the exception of Philips, as their available model only comes in 4000k. Take a look at the attached PDF for the exact location.  Thanks to City of Burnaby for hosting a demonstration!
  • This supply arrangement  will be available over multiple years to accommodate the timelines of most purchasers
  • Access to the "pricing/service description of this supply arrangement" is available to all Government ministries in the Province of B.C. and to public sector organizations registered to use supply arrangements. If the public sector organization you are with is not listed see if your organization qualifies.
  • Public sector organizations can obtain pricing via email to the Procurement Services Branch to reach the commodity manager.
  • *Pricing information is confidential and must not be shared with suppliers.
  • **Obtain a copy of the complete terms and conditions applying to this supply arrangement.