Executive Coaching

This supply arrangement is for the provision of coaching services to employees at the executive level within government.

Who can buy from this supply arrangement?

What can I buy?

What do I need to know?

How do I access these services?

How much does it cost?

Have any questions?

List of suppliers

Important information

Who can buy from this supply arrangement?

This supply arrangement is available to:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector

What can I buy?

Offerors may be contacted to work in a number of areas focused on improved performance and output, including:

  • Conducting Narrative 360 Leadership Feedback Surveys and using the results to develop action plans in collaboration with the executive client
  • Developing and implementing development/learning plans and coaching toward achieving the elements of the plan
  • Coaching follow-up to formal leadership training programs and courses
  • Development of succession candidates and career planning
  • Support for transitioning into new or more senior roles
  • Coaching to specifically identified areas of executive competencies, abilities and skills
  • Coaching to situational issues and building executive competencies in areas including, but not limited to:
    • change management
    • risk management
    • strategic planning
    • executive communications
    • vision and goal setting
    • complex decision-making
    • corporate perspective
    • organizational agility
    • building strategic stakeholder alliances
    • managing conflict
    • authenticity and self-awareness

What do I need to know?

The supplier may have many services available however only those services outlined in the section "What can I buy?" above are available on this supply arrangement. Other products offered by the supplier would need to be obtained in accordance with procurement policy.

How do I access these services?

Contact the supplier directly. Supplier contact information is listed below.

How much does it cost?

Cost is dependent upon the hourly rate of each supplier as listed in each supplier's Pricing/Schedule B found within the "List of suppliers" section below.

Ministry employees with IDIR access may click on the pricing link beside the supplier contact information for Pricing/Schedule B.

Have any questions?

Email the Procurement Services Branch to reach the commodity manager.

List of suppliers

approved consultants:
contact:  Shelly Berlin (Victoria)
contact:  Danae Johnson (Vancouver)
phone:  250 472-3767
Berlin Eaton website

Pricing/Schedule B, Berlin Eaton (PDF, 180KB)*
CS-000879 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Anita Wolfe 
phone:  250 386-1234 
Environment for Change website

Pricing/Schedule B, Environment for Change (PDF, 310KB)*
cs-000882 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Ingrid Bergmann
phone:  250 888-6486 
Ingrid Bergmann website

Pricing/Schedule B, Bergmann (PDF, 180KB)*
CS-000884 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Robert Cooke
phone:  250 516-6432
Intex Consulting Group website

Pricing/Schedule B, Intex (PDF, 310KB)*
CS-000885 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Linda Dobson
phone:  250 537-8833
mobile:  778 231-8812
Linda Dobson and Associates website

Pricing/Schedule B, Dobson (PDF, 310KB)*
CS-000888 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Angela Neumann 
phone:  250 658-9224 
Neumann website

Pricing/Schedule B Neumann (PDF, 310KB)*
CS- 000878 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Bruce Sandy
toll-free:  1 866 461-8789
phone:  604 461-8789
Pathfinder Coaching website

Pricing/Schedule B, Pathfinder (PDF, 305KB)*
CS-000890 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Lisa Mallett
phone:  250 709-6889
Recalibrate website

Pricing/Schedule B, Recalibrate (PDF, 310KB)*
CS-000892 **

approved consultant:
contact:  Moreen Singh
phone:  604 731-5000  
Shealon website

Pricing/Schedule B, Shealon (PDF, 310KB)*
CS-000889 **

Important Information

This supply arrangement expires on September 14, 2020 with the option to extend for one-year period.

* Pricing information is confidential and must not be shared.

** Obtain a copy of the complete terms and conditions for executive coaching (PDF, 620 KB)


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