Engraving Services FAQs

These FAQs relate to the supply arrangements for engraving services.

What items can be engraved?
Generally, items made of glass, crystal, metal, and wood. If an item is not engravable, we may be able to attach a plate with the wording you desire to the item or to the item’s gift box.        

Can I order engraved items online?
Our shopping cart cannot as yet handle such requests; to ensure your engraving is letter perfect, contact us.

What words should I use?
It’s entirely up to you.  You may use their name, a date, or even just a monogram of their initials. Often customers chose to make the description very personal, for example: recognizing the employee’s achievement:

“Presented to Jane Doe
In recognition of her outstanding contribution
To the Community Conservation Project

Or, for example, recognizing the employee’s retirement:

“John Smith
In appreciation of 20 years of service
1990 – 2010”

What will it look like?
Engraving on different materials produce different results because of the composition of the product.  Plates are available in four colours – satin gold with black lettering, satin silver with black lettering, black with silver lettering, black with gold lettering, and blue with silver lettering.

Many fonts are available to you, although Adobe Garamond Pro is the Provincial Font and most often used.

What size will the engraving be?
Unless instructed otherwise, we will choose a size of font that will be legible, but still fit upon the item.

How long will it take?
Generally ten to fifteen business days depending upon the size and complexity of the project.

How much will it cost?
There is no set up fee for engraving... we simply charge by the letter.
A small plate with a name starts at $11.90.
A small plate with up to 125 letters is $25.95.
The BC government logo can be added for another $5.00.
Your own logo can be used if you have a black and white line drawing in an EPS format.

Can I use the BC Coat of Arms as my Ministry logo?
The BC ID Mark is the current provincial mark and must be used within the guidelines set by Government Communications and Public Engagement.

The BC Coat of Arms is reserved for the use only by the three branches of Parliamentary Democracy: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. This includes the Lieutenant Governor, a member of the Executive Council, a member of the Legislative Assembly or judges of the Supreme Court, a County Court, or the Provincial Court.

What about standard plaques – like the Long Service Plaque?  May I order an employee’s name on that?
If you would like an individual’s name added to the standard BC Long Service Plaque, or the Criminal Justice Branch’s custom Long Service Plaque, please contact us.

What about other plaques and trophies?
Other plaques are available in different shapes and sizes, and can be presented in either a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) format. Please look here .

If you are interested in custom plaques or trophies, please contact us.

Can you engrave my own personal item?
It is possible to do so, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee the results, thus we recommend against it.

Any other questions?
We’ll be happy to answer them!  All engraving enquiries may be emailed to Protocolrecognition@gov.bc.ca


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