Employee Travel

Everything you need to know about employee travel, from the popular Hotel Guide and short-term vehicle rentals to travel allowance and policy information, all at your fingertips on this page

Modes of Transportation


Note:  Travel loyalty program benefits, such as airline frequent flyer points that are accumulated by employees while traveling at public expense, must not be used for personal benefit.

Such benefits or discounts should be applied only against future business travel or donated to charities associated with the program. Benefits accumulated while travelling at public expense should not be used beyond the term of employment.

For more information about charitable donation of points see: Air Canada / Jazz


Ferries and Public Transportation


The business travel guide lists British Columbia properties that offer accommodation at discounted rates to provincial government employees on travel status.

Out of Country/Out of Province Travel

Travelling Green

Employee Travel Card & Business Transaction Accounts (BTAs)

Employee Personal Travel

Information and References


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