Rates, Charges and Applicable Taxes for Vehicle Rentals

Included in the supply arrangement for Daily, In-Province Vehicle Rentals

  • vehicle licensing fees
  • cancellation fees
  • surcharges for air-conditioning
  • administration fees
  • allowances for tire wear
  • airport concession fees
  • customer facility charges and levies, if applicable

Some taxes and additional charges listed below may apply

Guidelines to Additional Fees & Taxes

Limited Kilometres (Mileage)

All daily rental vehicles offered at a daily rental rate include 200km per day usage at no additional charge.  Use that exceeds 200 km per day will be assessed at the daily rate plus an additional mileage charge. See the Daily Vehicle Rental Suppliers By Community (XLS, 55KB) table for mileage charges exceeding 200 km per day.

Promotional Charges / Offers

Should a rental agency offer you a promotional fare that is lower than the supply arrangement rate, this promotional fare must include the same service and insurance coverage as the supply arrangement.  Do not accept the special rate offer unless the rental agency provides you with written assurance that the terms and conditions of the government supply arrangement will apply.

Do not request or demand an alternate or special rate even if it appears more cost effective than the approved government rate. Accepting an alternate rate may void the supply arrangement agreement we have established with the rental agency including the insurance, liability, claims and payment terms. Trying to save your office a dollar or two a day on the rental charge exposes you and your office to unnecessary risk.

Promotional offers which reward authorized users with gifts, personal use coupons or redeemable points for services or goods are not permitted as such offers are inconsistent with the Standards of Conduct for provincial government employees.  This includes Air Miles or other frequent traveler point programs.

One-Way Rental

One-way rentals may be charged an additional, per-kilometre fee to allow for the return of the vehicle to the rental agency.  The additional fee may be added to the rental rate.  The one-way return fee must be calculated on the basis of the distance from the drop-off location to the originating rental agency location.  The distance chart and the distances noted between locations shown on the B.C. Road Map & Parks Guide (available at Tourist Information Centres) will form the basis of calculations.

Should a rental agency possess a vehicle in need of return to the location at which the authorized user is requesting to drop off the vehicle, that vehicle must be offered at no additional charge to the authorized user.

Surcharge for Vancouver Island / Mainland Returns

A surcharge may be charged for city pairs which incur ferry charges (e.g. vehicles rented from Lower Mainland locations and dropped-off to Vancouver Island locations, and vice versa).  The surcharge will be in addition to the one-way rental.  Please refer to the Daily Vehicle Rental Suppliers By Community (XLS, 55KB) spreadsheet.

Minimum In-Town Return Kilometer

A return fee will not be assessed where the return distance is 30 km or less.

Cancellation Fee

The rental agency must not charge a cancellation fee.