Harbour Air Corporate Discount Program

You can obtain deep discounts on your government business travel with Harbour Air (as well as Saltspring Air and Whistler Air) with Turbobucks.

(Please note this discount is not available for personal use)

Who can buy from this supply arrangement?

This supply arrangement is available to:

  • B.C. government ministries and core government agencies

What can I buy?

Discounted airfare on Harbour Air, Saltspring Air and Whistler Air  during time-limited offers. You could save up to 25% on travel.

What do I need to know?

  • The Turbobucks offering is quarterly
  • The offers are time-limited group purchases of pre-paid Turbobucks
  • This discount is greater than purchasing Turbobucks directly from Harbour Air
  • Turbobucks can be used on any Harbour Air, Saltspring Air or Whistler Air route, including charters
  • Turbobucks are eligible for any goFLEX and goGOLD fares
  • goLITE and goFAST fares are already discounted fares and cannot be purchased using a Turbobucks account, but these fares may still be purchased directly from Harbour Air using a Corporate Purchasing Card or BTA at any time.
  • The minimum purchase is $1,000
  • Turbobucks do not expire
  • Cancelled flights are refunded back to the Turbobucks account
  • The funds held in the account are not refundable
  • Each office has its own dedicated, secure account
  • Turbobucks accounts can be transferred to any other office

How do Turbobucks work?

  • An office wishing to purchase Turbobucks submits an enrolment form (when available during the limited-time offer)
  • The participating office receives an invoice from Harbour Air and submits pre-paid funds to Harbour Air
  • Harbour Air opens a Turbobucks account
  • The account is credited with the amount of the purchase plus the bonus credit - up to 25%
  • The account administrator or other authorized employees purchase tickets either online, by telephone or in-person (account number and PIN required)

How do I buy Turbobucks?

  • When the Turbobucks group discount opportunity is announced:
    • Download and complete the enrolment form (only available during the time-limited offers)
    • Email the completed enrolment form  to Procurement Services prior to the enrolment deadline
    • Harbour Air will send an invoice shortly after the form submission deadline
    • Once Harbour Air has received payment they will send the Turbobucks information to the Turbobucks Account Administrator

How much does it cost?

  • Cost is dependent upon the amount of Turbobucks purchased
  • Minimum purchase is $1,000

Have any questions?

  • For questions about the Turbobucks accounts or travel with Harbour Air, contact Harbour Air at 1 800 665-0212
  • For questions about this offer from the Procurement Services Branch, contact the commodity manager

Important Information

  • Only the Turbobucks Account Administrator(s) or pre-authorized employees may access the organization’s Turbobucks account
  • A submitted enrolment form is a committed purchase
  • The form must be received by Procurement Services Branch prior to the deadline of the offer
  • Harbour Air must receive payment of the invoice before the payment deadline
  • Payment can be made with a purchase card, electronic funds transfer or BTA. It is not necessary to go through a travel agent
  • To ensure deadlines are met, we do not recommend payment by cheque
  • GST is applied on the purchase of Turbobucks. There is no GST charged on any airfare purchased using the Turbobucks account
  • Contact the commodity manager to get on the Turbobucks email distribution list. Several times annually the Procurement Services Branch will issue an email to announce the Turbobucks purchase opportunity with the enrolment and payment deadlines
  • Turbobucks was formerly known as Air Bucks

How do I book airfare with a Turbobucks account?


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