Non-partisan Advertising Criteria

Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) reviews creative materials for B.C. government advertising campaigns against the following Non-partisan Advertising Criteria:

  1. The advertising is a reasonable means to inform the public: of current or proposed government policies, programs or services available to them; of their rights and responsibilities under the law; to encourage or discourage specific social behaviour in the public interest; or promote BC or any part of BC as a good place to live, work, invest, study or visit, or to promote economic activity or sector of BC’s economy. 
  2. The advertising presents information objectively, in tone and content, with facts expressed clearly and accurately, using neutral language.
  3. The advertising is free from partisan or party slogans, images and identifiers.
  4. The advertising is free from party bias or party affiliation. 
  5. The advertising is devoid of any name, voice or image of the Premier, a Minister or MLA. 
  6. The primary colour associated with the governing party is not used in a dominant way. 

Reviews are completed using the Non-partisan Advertising Criteria document.