Access Pricing on the Goods and Services Catalogue

  1. Employees with IDIR access have direct access to pricing on the Goods and Services Catalogue and no not require a BCeID
  2. Employees at eligible organizations registered to use supply arrangements can also register to receive direct access to pricing on the Goods and Services Catalogue
  • There are two steps required to receive direct access
  • Once you have completed the steps below you will be able to access supply arrangement pricing on the Goods and Services catalogue

Step One:  Sign-up for a BCeID

If you already have a BCeID skip to step two.

BCeID is an Online Service that makes it possible for you to use your user ID and password to sign in securely to BCeID participating Government Online Services.

Sign-up for a BCeID, it's simple and free.

Step Two: Complete the registration form

Now that you have your BCeID you need to register it with the Procurement Services Branch. If prompted for a username and password enter “bceid\” followed by your BCeID user ID as the username and your BCeID password as the password.

BCeID user log-in box

Once on the registration form enter your:

  • email address
  • name
  • organization name

in the form and click on “Submit”. Use your work email address rather than a generic personal email address (i.e. don’t use an email address ending in “” or “”, etc.).

Shortly after clicking “Submit” you’ll receive an email that includes a link and a confirmation number. Copy the confirmation number and paste it into the field on the page the link takes you to.

Click “Submit” and your access request will be sent to us to process. We’ll process your request and you’ll receive an email shortly after advising you that you now have access to supply arrangement pricing or requesting more information from you.

When accessing pricing you may be prompted for a username and password. If you are, please use your BCeID user ID and password as you did in step two.

REMEMBER: The pricing information you access is confidential. Do not share it with other individuals, organizations or suppliers.


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