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This index lists pages within the BC Bid Resources site for quick access as well as terms from these pages linking to the corresponding information.  Links are also provided for other websites referenced within BC Bid Resources.

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Aboriginal Procurement

Accepting Emailed Submissions

Access Pricing (on the Goods & Services Catalogue)

Additional Circumstances for Shared Cost Arrangements (Direct Awards)

Additional Contract Requirements

Advertise an Opportunity (link to How To Use BC Bid for Government Staff)

Advice For Vendors

Amend Your eBid (information for vendors)

Amend Opportunities

Analysis of Risk

Announcing Results

Another Government Organization (Direct Awards)

Answering Vendor Questions

Apprentices on Public Projects

Appropriate Use of Information Technology

Appropriate Use Policy

Approval to Go to Market

Assistance FAQs

Award Phase

Award to Highest Score

Award to Lowest Price

Award Summary, Post Contract



BC Auction

BC Bid

BC Bid Resources

BCeID, Signing Up For

BC Online

Broader Public Sector Access to Pricing

Business Case

Buying and Maintaining Goods FAQs

Buying Green Goods

Buying Green Services

Buying Services FAQs


Call to Market Against a Pre-Qualification List - Services

Canada European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Canada - United States Procurement Agreement (CUSPA)

Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

Capital Asset Management Framework

Capital Procurement Checklist

CAS (Corporate Accounting System) Contacts

Certificate of Insurance

Certified Compostable

Check Mandatory Requirements

Clarification vs Finalization vs Negotiation

Clear and Concise Solicitation Documents

Close Out

Commodity Managers

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)


Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interest and Bias

Consensus Evaluations

Consolidated Warehousing

Construction, How to Buy

Construction Insurance Program

Contract Award Summary, Post

Contract Disputes

Contract Evaluation

Contract Finalization

Contract Language for Apprenticeships

Contract Management - See Manage

Contract Management Documentation Checklist

Contract Modifications

Contract Monitoring

Contract Opportunities

Contract Payment

Contract Reporting

Contract Summary Template

Contractor Performance

Contracts Valued at $10 Million or More (reference checks)

Core Policy

Core Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM)

Corporate Requirements and Guidelines

Corporate Needs Assessment Template

Corporate Signing Authority System


Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Context

Cost Estimate

Cost Estimate Exceeds Available Funds

Cost Factors

Create Your Product profile (information for vendors)

Criteria, Mandatory & Weighted

CSA (Corporate Supply Arrangements):

CSA Z809 Certified Paper

Customized Ministry and Vendor Training



Define Scope and Deliverables

Definitions, Procurement

Deliverables and Outcomes (evaluations)

Determining Point Allocations and Minimum Scores

Develop and Finalize the Evaluation Handbook

Developing a Business Case

Disclosure of Information

Disputes, Contract

Direct Award

Direct Award FAQs

Distribute Submissions

Documentation Checklist, Contract Management

Doing Business with Government


eBid Service Registration (information for vendors)

eBidding - Receive Bids Via BC Bid


Effective Marketing

eform Requisition (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure only)

Email Service Registration (information for vendors)

Emailed Submissions

Emergency Purchasing - see Direct Award

Employee Travel

Employer / Employee Relationships

Encorp Return-It

Energy Star

Enterprise Risk Management

Environmental Cost of Ownership

Environmentally Responsible Procurement - see Green Procurement

Environmental Standards and Certifications


Evaluate Contractor Performance Template

Evaluate Deliverables Template

Evaluate the Internal Contract Management Team Template

Evaluating Submissions, Step by Step Guide

Evaluation, Contract

Evaluation, Deliverables and Outcomes

Evaluation Handbook, Developing and Finalizing

Evaluation Overview When Awarding to the Highest Score

Evaluation Overview When Awarding to the Lowest price

Evaluation Submissions

Evaluation Teams

Evaluation Team Responsibilities

Expense Authority



Feasibility Study

Feasibility Factors

File Close Out

Finalization, Contract

Finalization Process and Guidance

Financial Administration Act

Financial Guarantee Guidelines

Financial Institutions Commission

Financial Management Branch

Financial Review and Assurance Services Agreement Template

Find Contract Opportunities (information for vendors)

Find Your eBid (information for vendors)

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Format for Debriefs

Frequently Asked Questions on Government Procurement

Frequently Asked Questions - other topics


General Services Agreement (GSA) Information

GNPI (Government Non-Profit Initiative) Videos - See How To Videos

Golden Rule

Goods - see How to Buy Goods

Goods and Services Catalogue

Go to Market, Approval

Government Communications and Public Engagement

Government Records Service

Green Guard

Green Procurement

Green Seal

Group 1 Rates - Expenses for Contractors

Group 2 Rates - Expenses for Contractors

Guide to Insurance SharePoint

Guide to Responding to Government RFPs

Guidelines for Determining when to use SRFP or RFP

Guidelines for Environmentally Responsible Procurement

Guidelines for Vendors to Submit Bids and Proposals Via Email

Guidelines to Emailed Submissions

Guidelines to the Procurement Obligations of Domestic and International Trade Agreements



How to Buy Construction

How to Buy Goods

How To Buy Services

How To Videos


Indigenous Procurement - see Aboriginal Procurement

Individual Evaluations

Information Access Operations

Information Gathering FAQs

Information Management Act

Information Management/Information Technology Procurement

Information Technology & Management Consulting Professional Services Agreement Template

Innovative Ideas Sessions


Insurance Forms and Guidelines

Insurance and Other Risk Management Tools

Insurance Overview: Types, Amounts and Approved wording (SharePint site)

Intellectual Property

Internal Contract Management Team (evaluations)

Invitation to Quote (ITQ)

Invitation to Quote for Goods (ITQ) - when to use

Invitation to Quote for Goods and Services FAQs

Invitation to Quote for Services (ITQS)

Invitation to Tender (ITT)

iProcurement Sourcing Via BC Bid Quick Guide

ISO31000 Risk Management Standard


Joint Solutions Request for Proposals (JSRFPs)

Joint Solutions Request for Proposals (JSRFPs) - Posting Guidelines

Justifying Contracting vs Using Internal Resources




Learning Centre, The

Legal Decisions, Recent

Legal Entities

Legal Services Branch Client Service Coordinators

Legal Support and Guidance

Level Certified



Mandatory & Weighted Criteria


Market Research and Notifications

Minimum Scores, Determining

Ministry Guide to the Request for Proposals Process

Ministry of Children and Family Development Procurement Policy, Practice and Guidelines

Ministry of Finance Sales Tax

Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

Ministry of Health Procurement and Contract Management

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Contract Information

Ministry Procurement Specialists

Ministry Records Officers

Ministry Specific Service Contract Templates and Other Agreement Formats

Ministry and Support Services Procurement Contacts

Ministry Writers Guide: Developing and Managing SRFPs

Modifications, Contract

Modify Your Product Profile (information for vendors)

Monitoring Contracts

Monitoring and Controlling Risk

Moral Rights and Contracts

MPI Green Performance

Multiple Delivery Options

Multiple Employer Worksite


MyHR Human Resources Policy 13


Natural Resource Sector - coming soon

Needs Assessment

Negotiations - see Contract Finalization

Negotiated Requests for Proposals (NRFP)

New West Partnership Trade Agreement

No Successful Vendor/Cancelled Process (announcing results)

Notice of Intent (NOI)

Notice to Vendors (NTV)


Occupational Health and Safety

Office of the Comptroller General, Procurement Governance Office

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

One Qualified and Available Vendor (Direct Awards)

Opportunities, Contract


Payment - see Contract Payment

Payment Processing and Procedures

Performance Contractor

Planholder Lists (information for vendors)

Plan Your Procurement

Personal Optional Protection (POP)

Planning for Contract Finalizations and Negotiations

Planning Questions and Information

Planning Tools

Point Allocations, Determining

Post Contract Award Summaries

Post Employment Restrictions

Posting Results

Post Opportunities

Post Unverified Bid Results

Preparation for Debriefs

Prepare Solicitation Documents

Prepare Your Opportunity Documents


Pre-Qualification Lists FAQs

Privacy and Information Access Helpline

Process for Checking References

Procurement Community of Practice

Procurement and Contract Management Program (PCMP)

Procurement Council

Procurement Definitions

Procurement and the Environment

Procurement Framework FAQs

Procurement Governance Office

Procurement Process

Procurement Process Maps

Procurement Risk FAQs

Procurement Services Branch

Procurement Services Branch Contacts

Procurement Services Branch Fee Structure

Procurement Training and Development

Procurement Transformation

Product Distribution Centre

Province as a Reference

Public Sector User of BC Bid

Purchase and Travel Cards

Purchase Document (formerly (POSO)

Purchasing Card FAQs

Purpose of the Debrief


Qualified Supplier Lists - see Pre-Qualified Lists

Qualifying Organizations vs Individuals

Queen's Printer


Recognition Products and Awards, Buying

Real Estate Services

Receipt of Goods

Receive Submissions Via BC Bid

Records Management

Record Submission Arrival Dates and Times


Reference Checks - Contracts valued at $10 Million or More

References and the Solicitation Document

Reference Resources

Register Equipment or Engineering Services (information for vendors)

Register to Post on BC Bid

Release of Information &/or Documents Related to Competitive Procurement Opportunities

Request for Corporate Supply Arrangement (RCSA)

Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI)

Request for Information (RFI)

Request for Proposal( RFP)

Request for Proposals and Short-form Requests for Proposals FAQs

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Request for Standing Offer (RSO)

Request for Standing Offer (RSO) and Request for Corporate Supply Arrangements (RCSA) - Lowest Price

Request for Standing Offer (RSO) and Request for corporate Supply Arrangements (RCSA) - Highest Score

Risk Assessment

Risk Identification

Risk Management

Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office

Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office Forms and Guidelines

Risk Management Guideline for the BC Public Sector

Risk Management Tools and Templates

Risk Register Template



Sample Sponsored University Research Agreement Template

Scope - Define Scope and Deliverables

SCS Indoor Air Advantage

Secure Electronic Media Destruction

Securities and Bonds

Security or Order / Confidential or Privileged Nature (Direct Awards)

Select a Solicitation Process and Template Guidelines

Service Contract Templates

Services - see How To Buy Services

Seven Steps for a Cost Benefit Analysis

Shared Cost Arrangements Direct Awards

Shared Services BC (SSBC)

Short Form Request for Proposals (SRFP)

Shortlist Processes

Solicitation, Prepare Documents

Solicitation Templates

Source Information (for evaluations)


SSBC Client Services Sector Contacts

Standards of Conduct

Standards of Conduct and Relationships with Contractors

Standards of Conduct for Public Service Employees Engaged in Government Procurement Processes

Strategic Business and Procurement Transformation

Strategic Partnerships Office

Strategies to Receive Quality Submissions

Step by Step Guide on How to Evaluate Submissions

Subcontractor Relationships

Submission Evaluations

Submit an eBid (information for vendors)

Successful Vendors (announcing results)

Sufficient Time

Sufficient Time Posting Guidelines

Supply Arrangements FAQ

Support Services

Supporting Documentation


Taxes and Tax Credits

Templates and Tools

Terminating a Contract

Terminology and Definitions - see Procurement Definitions

Terms of Reference

Thresholds, Posting Guidelines

Trade Agreements

Training & Development

Travel Cards - see Purchase and Travel Cards

Treatment of Risks


Unforeseeable Emergency (Direct Awards)

University Research Agreements

Usuccessful Vendor(s) - Met All Mandatory Requirements (announcing results)

Unsuccessful Vendor(s) - Missed Mandatory Requirements (announcing results)

Using References



Vendor and Ministry Outreach

Vendor Concerns

Vendor User of BC Bid

Vendor Complaint and Review Process

Vendor Information on BC Bid - see BC Bid

Vendor Relationships

Videos - see How To Videos


Waste Reduction

Water Sense

Weighted Criteria

What Happens if Changes are Needed During Contract Finalization?

Who Should Attend Debriefs

Who Should be on the Evaluation Team


Worksafe BC Clearance Letters

World Trade Organization - Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-GPA)

Writing Mandatory Criteria

Writing Weighted Criteria






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