Eligible & Non-Eligible Health Supplements


As the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction has revised health supplement topics to provide more detail on eligibility, the “Eligible and Non-Eligible Health Supplements” general guide has been removed from the Online Resource.

Information regarding eligibility for specific health supplements can be found in the individual topics under health supplements and programs.

Other programs and resources:

Supports and Services – Assistive Technology

Information regarding other supports and services, including resources for assistive technology, can be found on the Supports & Services website.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services support individuals that need assistive technology products and services to overcome disability-related barriers in the workplace. 

People with disabilities can access assistive technologies through WorkBC to help them find a job, or if they need a piece of equipment to keep working at their current job. WorkBC provides employment related:

  • assistive devices, equipment and technology
  • communication and hearing devices
  • ergonomic supports and other personal devices
  • interpreting and captioning services
  • workplace access and modification

More information on WorkBC Assistive Technology Services can be found here: WorkBC Assistive Technology

More information on services and supports for persons with disabilities can be found here: Resources for People with Disabilities