Employment Readiness Information Questionnaire (ERIQ)


The Employment Readiness Information Questionnaire (ERIQ) assists in identifying whether client barriers to employment exist.

The ERIQ is used by WorkBC Employment Services (ES) to assess a client’s employment readiness, which is one indicator of need for WorkBC ES case management services.  The ERIQ is also available for optional EAW use as a stand-alone form.

The ERIQ collects standardized information on: recent work history; skills, strengths and employment challenges; past dependency on income assistance; readiness to seek work; education level; English proficiency, and literacy.

The ERIQ assists in determining whether a client:

  • is immediately employable
  • is employable with short-term interventions
  • is employable with longer-term interventions

The ERIQ supports ministry staff in developing an appropriate Employment Plan (EP) for those clients who have employment-related obligations.   For clients who have no employment-related obligations, or who do not require an EP, the ERIQ can be used to support the development of voluntary participation plan activities.


Effective:  June 10, 2014

Effective April 2, 2012, the Employment Readiness Information Questionnaire (ERIQ) replaces the Employability Screen as the ministry’s main employment planning tool.  The Employability Screen is retained as a factor in the determination of Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB).  

The ERIQ contains questions designed to measure all of the following:

  • Recent work history
  • History of income assistance dependency
  • Education level
  • Literacy ability
  • Barriers to employment
  • Readiness to seek work

The ERIQ assists in developing an Employment Plan (EP) or voluntary participation activities by providing ministry staff with information to determine appropriate programs and services for clients that are tailored to their needs and abilities.

The new ERIQ may be used to inform the EP, as necessary, to ensure it accurately reflects the client’s skills, readiness to seek work, and barriers that may impact a client’s ability to find and keep work.

The ERIQ may be used to determine if other barriers interfere with the client’s participation.

The ERIQ is also used by WorkBC Employment Services (ES) to assess a client’s employment readiness.


Effective:  June 10, 2014

The Employment Readiness Information Questionnaire (ERIQ) is completed by WorkBC Employment Services (ES) when employable clients are identified for formal referral to the WorkBC ES.  The ERIQ is used to assess a client’s employment readiness, which is one indicator of need for WorkBC ES case management services.  

EAWs do not have access to the ERIQ completed by WorkBC ES.  However, the ERIQ may be completed by EAWs as an optional stand-alone form.  To complete an ERIQ:

  1. Explain that the purpose of the ERIQ is to identify the client’s employment strengths, whether there are any barriers to employment, and the extent to which such barriers may impact the client’s work search.
  2. Complete the ERIQ questions as indicated on the stand-alone form.
  3. Make any relevant comments on the client’s file regarding the client’s current situation. 
    Note:  Comments must be objective, factual, non-judgmental, and respectful.