Applications for funding through the Francophone Affairs Program will be assessed based on available funds, how the proposed program or service aligns with the priorities outlined in our Strategic Plan (PDF), and the following criteria (which all carry the same weight):

  • Your proven capacity to deliver the service or program
  • The amount of matching revenue (funds or in-kind)
  • The long-term viability and impact of the project
  • The demographics served
  • The quality of outreach to targeted Francophone communities
  • If your application is for a bilingual project, how fully the French component is integrated in the full project
  • If your application is for a repeat project, whether your project evaluation report, including public proof of funding acknowledgment, were submitted

Funding Criteria

Only B.C. Ministries, Crown Corporations, Government Agencies, Legislature Assembly and Local Government are eligible for funding.

Funding must be matched to a minimum of 50% by a B.C. Government ministry, Crown Corporation, Government Agency or municipality.

  • The match can be in direct funds or in-kind, or be a combination of both
  • An in-kind match must be assigned a dollar value
  • Funding cannot be matched with a federal government revenue source
  • In-kind contributions refer to goods and services required to deliver the project you’ll provide in-house, such as in this example.
  • Funding for projects is usually provided on a one year basis
  • Funding for additional years can be considered provided you submit a previous year project’s evaluation report

Once a project is approved, you’ll receive a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for your signature. Your expected measurable results will be included in the MOU and you’ll have to report on your ability to achieve these results.

Funding Criteria – BC Arts Council

Community organizations applying to BC Arts Council (BCAC) are also eligible for funding under the Canada-British Columbia Official Languages Agreement on French Services.

To start an application for funding, BC Arts Council grant applicants must:

  1. Contact the Francophone Affairs Program to discuss your project.
    1. After discussion, if your project is considered eligible, you may submit an online Funding Partnership Request Application
    2. If your project qualifies, the Francophone Affairs Program will provide you with pending funding approval
  2. Submit a funding application to BC Arts Council through the regular channel.
    1. Include in the BC Arts Council funding application a description of your project’s Francophone component in both the narrative and the budget sections
    2. If your project’s Francophone component is approved by BC Arts Council, the Francophone Affairs Program will make a final decision on whether to fund your project

Contribution Acknowledgement

You must make every effort to acknowledge the contribution of the Canada – British Columbia Official Languages Agreement on French-Language Services (PDF) and include in all announcements, promotional or other materials related to the project.

Example: “This project was made possible thanks to the support of the Canada – British Columbia Official Languages Agreement on French-Language Services.”

Appropriate logos will be provided upon request.

Unused Funds

If you receive funding and then determine that you may not use all of the funds,  you must advise us in writing before January 31 of the funding fiscal year (April to March). We’ll discuss this with you to help avoid any impacts on future projects.


After your project is completed, you must provide an evaluation report within the mutually agreed timeline.

Your report must show, in point form format, how you achieved the expected measurable results as agreed in the MOU. If you’re submitting a report to another funder, we’ll accept a copy of the evaluation report as long as the agreed expected measurable results are included in the report we receive. If you don’t provide an evaluation report, you’ll be disqualified from receiving funding again in the future.