OCIO Strategy 2016

The BC government is committed to ensuring citizens have the best possible experience when interacting with us. This vision is outlined in more detail in Where Ideas Work, the corporate plan for the BC Public Service. To support this plan, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has released the OCIO Strategy 2016. It sets the 3-year strategic direction for Information Technology (IT) for the BC government.

The OCIO Strategy 2016 is intended to guide and support IT investment planning across government. It’s about enabling digital services, maximizing value from our IT investments, operating a secure IT infrastructure, and enabling our workforce to accomplish our shared goals.

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Report Cards

We are reporting on the Strategy and our commitments each year.

Pillar Strategies

We have released our four pillar strategies: Network, Security, Cloud and Mobility.

Network StrategyThis strategy is under developmentThis is an icon for the Cloud Pillar Strategy, click to open the pdf versionThis is an icon for the Mobility Pillar Strategy, click to open the pdf version


Core Function Strategies