Crown Agencies Resource Office

The Crown Agencies Resource Office (CARO) provides public sector management leadership across government by promoting strategic alignment and best practices in corporate governance, accountability and engagement.

CARO partners with other central agencies to support strong public sector governance and accountability by providing expert advice and guidance, board orientation and development programs, and engagement events to support B.C.’s public sector organizations.

Crown agencies are public sector organizations that deliver programs and services for B.C. citizens. These organizations include commercial and service delivery Crown corporations, school districts, universities, colleges and health authorities.


To ensure accountability to citizens, CARO promotes best practices and guiding principles for public sector organizations, such as the taxpayer accountability principles (PDF) and the performance reporting principles for the public sector (PDF).

CARO develops and oversees policies, best practice guidelines and processes to enhance transparency, strengthen accountability and improve the effectiveness of public sector management.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment with government priorities and initiatives is critical to the success of public sector organizations. CARO coordinates and ensures strategic alignment through the annual mandate letter, service plan and annual report processes.

Corporate Governance

CARO provides support, guidelines and best practices to:

  • Cultivate strong corporate governance
  • Augment corporate policies, principles and strategic planning
  • Serve as a central source of information about public sector governance, reporting and relationships with government
  • Provide public sector board and executive orientation, resources and professional development
  • Facilitate corporate communication and lead public sector related initiatives between ministries, central agencies, the broader public sector and independent offices of the Legislature
  • Support engagement, collaboration and shared initiatives among public sector organizations