Public Accountability and Reporting Project (PARP)

The purpose of this project is to establish public industry performance indicators, governance criteria and performance measures, and quota management reporting criteria and performance measures.

The project will engage BCFIRB and all eight of BC’s regulated and supply-management marketing boards and commissions (commodity boards).

Regulated Boards:

  • BC Hog Marketing Commission (HMC)
  • BC Cranberry Marketing Commission (CrMC)
  • BC Vegetable Marketing Commission (VMC)

Supply-Management Boards:

  • BC Chicken Marketing Board (CMB)
  • BC Egg Marketing Board (EMB)
  • BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission (BHEC)
  • BC Turkey Marketing Board (TMB)
  • BC Milk Marketing Board (MMB)

Three Areas of Focus

BCFIRB will work with all commodity boards to establish industry performance indicators and governance criteria.

  1. Industry Performance: Data collection and reporting on industry performance is needed to support strategic, long-term planning and policy development by commodity boards, BCFIRB, and government.
  2. Governance:  Governance refers to tools (e.g. conflict of interest policies and codes of conduct) and processes (e.g. procedures), in areas such as financial accountability, compliance with legislation, and strategic decision-making to deliver sound marketing policy that reflects industry and public interests. 

BCFIRB will work with supply-management boards to establish reporting criteria and performance measures with respect to quota and quota movement in each sector.

  1. Quota Management and Movement: Data collection and assessment will establish industry quota structure, management, and movement over time to help support strategic, long-term planning by commodity boards and BCFIRB.

Project Documents

BCFIRB Documents

Commodity Board Documents

Project Deliverables

  • Clear and meaningful criteria and performance measures for each commodity board by September 2018
  • Annual public reports from each commodity board starting April 2019
  • Annual public report from BCFIRB starting in September 2019

Anticipated Project Outcomes

  • Further development of transparency and accountability through effective and consistent annual public reporting by commodity boards.
  • Baseline and trend data are available to support strategic decision-making by the commodity boards and BCFIRB to achieve sound marketing policy outcomes.

Process and Tasks



Target date


Commodity boards

ID lead board member & staff person

March 30, 2018


Provide feedback on Draft Terms of Reference

March 30, 2018



BCFIRB team to develop draft measures and industry performance measure framework

March-April 27, 2018


Finalize and distribute Terms of Reference to commodity boards

April 17, 2018


Distribute industry performance measure framework and draft criteria and measures on quota and governance to commodity boards

April 27, 2018

Commodity boards


Provide draft industry performance measures and indicators to BCFIRB based on the BCFIRB framework

May 25, 2018


Provide written feedback on draft criteria and measures on quota and governance to BCFIRB

May 25, 2018



Review written feedback and schedule meetings, as necessary, between BCFIRB team and board contacts, number and format of meetings

TBD (June-July 31, 2018)


Finalize and approve reporting criteria, measures, and indicators for each commodity board

September 1, 2018