PARP Summary Project

BCFIRB’s PARP Summary Report compiles the June 2019 reports from B.C.’s eight commodity boards on sector performance targets, governance and quota management and movement into one resource. Appendices provide detailed data on B.C.’s regulated and supply-managed sectors through maps and tables.

Collecting and publishing data and performance measures over time will  help provide the agri-food industry, government, commodity boards and BCFIRB with a deeper understanding of the current state of each regulated sector and eventually a comprehensive, objective, evidence based picture of how each sector is evolving over time.

BCFIRB’s PARP Summary Report is also intended to improve the consistency, effectiveness and transparency of the information collected and reported on by the commodity boards. BCFIRB strongly encourages readers to review the individual board PARP and annual reports to learn more about each boards' activities.

PARP is a proactive, transparent approach to supporting and demonstrating effective governance and sound leadership in regulated marketing and supply management for the benefit of B.C.’s agri-food sector and the public.


Download BCFIRB’s PARP Summary Report