Preliminary Decisions

BCFIRB complaint decisions made under the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act will be posted online as they are released, and no later than seven (7) days after they are delivered to the parties.

The official version of BCFIRB decisions is the signed original in the Board's files. If there is a discrepancy between a decision on our website and the official version, the official version is authoritative. To get a copy of the official version, please contact BCFIRB. 

F1702 Kaye et al v Chang Yu Xu Preliminary Ruling (PDF) - April 25, 2018
Kaye et al v Chang Yu Xu Adjournment Decision - April 20, 2017
Harvey v Jansen Adjournment Decision (PDF) - April 20, 2016
Response Letter to Harvey Re Recusal Request (PDF) - May 8, 2015
Abbotsford v Kapoor - Preliminary Decision (PDF) - March 19, 2015
Baran v Country Drive Poultry Farm Ltd - Summary Dismissal Decision (PDF) - June 3, 2011
Miller v Panoramic Farms, Multi-Party Ruling Preliminary Decision (PDF) - January 8, 2009
Corporation of Delta vs Westcoast Instant Lawns - Preliminary Decision (PDF) - September 24, 2004
K&M Farms Bias Decision (PDF) - August 26, 2004
Corporation of Delta v. Westcoast Instant Lawns, Preliminary Decision (PDF) - August 16, 2004
Judd v. Webber, Production of Documents Decision (PDF) - January 31, 2004
Mitchell v. Van Maren, Preliminary Decision (PDF) - September 11, 2003
Westcreek Citizens Society et al v. Vane Investments Ltd., Preliminary Decision (PDF) - September 18, 2002
Wright v. Lubchynski, Preliminary Decision (PDF) - February 28, 2002
Westcreek Citizens Society et al vs Vane Investments Ltd., Preliminary Decision (PDF) - December 21, 2001
Morgan Creek Homeowners Assoc. vs Sekhon, Preliminary Decision (PDF) - March 2, 2000
Eason vs Outlander Poultry Farms Ltd., Preliminary Decision (PDF) - December 3, 1999