BCFIRB complaint decisions made under the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act will be posted online as they are released, and no later than seven (7) days after they are delivered to the parties.


The official version of BCFIRB decisions is the signed original in the Board's files. If there is a discrepancy between a decision on our website and the official version, the official version is authoritative. To get a copy of the official version, please contact BCFIRB. 

F1805 Sommer v Technical Growers Greenhouses Ltd. Dismissal Order (PDF) - February 22, 2018
Royich v Hills Dismissal Order (PDF) - July 26, 2017
Moran v Kato Dismissal Order (PDF) - March 18, 2016
Barkwill v Lychowyd (PDF) - October 2, 2014
Jory v Beacham Summary Dismissal Decision (PDF) - December 19, 2012
G. Wool & Sons Farm vs Outlander Poultry Farms Ltd., Dismissal Decision (PDF) - July 7, 2000