Farm Practices

Farmers who follow “normal farm practice” and who are not in contravention of the Public Health Act, Integrated Pest Management Act, Environmental Management Act, their regulations or land use regulations are protected from certain by-law enforcement, court injunctions and nuisance lawsuits.

BCFIRB has two roles in farm practices management through the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act:

Complaints Process

BCFIRB, as an administrative tribunal, is responsible for hearing complaints from persons aggrieved by odour, noise, dust or other disturbances arising from agriculture and certain aquaculture operations. For example, read the BCFIRB decision Feehan v Ferguson (page 11). 

Reports Role

BCFIRB may report on and make recommendations concerning any matters related to farm practices either on its own initiative, at the request of a municipality/regional district/trust council under the Islands Trust Act, or by direction of the Minister. BCFIRB’s reports and recommendations are non-binding. 

Complaints Decisions

The decisions of the BC Farm Industry Review Board are made available on the Internet for the purpose of public information.