Verify your email address to set up the app

You must verify your email address when you set up the BC Services Card app. You will be asked to verify your email address by entering a code that is sent to your email account to:

  • Make sure you entered the email address correctly
  • Prove you have access to that email account

How to verify your email address

1. Enter your email address

email entry

  • Open the app
    app icon
  • When prompted, enter your email address 

2. Get your verification code 

new email

  • Go to your email 
  • Open the email with the subject line "Verify your email address for your BC Services Card Account"
  • Copy your verification code displayed in the email

Note: you do not need to keep this verification code. Each time you set up the app the verification code will be different​.

3. Enter verification code

verify code

  • Enter the verification code in the app
  • Tap continue

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