How to reset the app and manage your devices

You should reset the BC Services Card app before you delete it from your mobile device. When you reset the app, it updates your account and removes the device. You may only have the app on five mobile devices at a time. 

In your account, you can also manage your devices. All devices with the app are listed. You can remove devices that you're no longer using. 

If you have your mobile device with the app, you can:

If you no longer have your mobile device, or you no longer have the app set up, you can:


How to reset the app

If you have a device that you no longer need the app on, you should reset the app and then delete the app.

You need to:

1. Open the app on your mobile device that you no longer need the app on.

open app

2. Tap on 'Reset app' at the bottom of the main menu.

tap on reset app on bottom of menu

3. Confirm you want to reset it. You can then delete the app.

confirm remove


How to remove a device in your account

In your BC Services Card Account you can see all devices the app is on. You can remove any of the devices you're no longer using.

Sometimes you may no longer have the app set up on your device, but the device will still be listed in your account. For example, if you deleted the app before resetting it. 

You need to:

1. Go to and log in to your account. You can do this on your mobile device, or on another device by pairing devices.

go to account

2. Go to 'Devices' to see a list of your devices with the app.

go to page devices with mobile card

3. Choose the device you want to remove. 

remove a device