Set up with a QR code

If you have the app set up, you don’t need to verify your identity again to add it to other mobile devices. Instead, you can scan a QR code that you get from the app that is already set up. 

This is provided for your convenience. For example, you can use it to:

  • Move the app to a new mobile device
  • Set up the app on another device – like if you have a phone and tablet

If you don’t want to, or if this doesn’t work for you, you can verify your identity the same way you did the first time you set up the app.

What you need 

1. Your existing mobile device – with the app already set up.

App on android device

2. Your new mobile device – that you want to set up the app on. It can be a different type of mobile device.


3. Your BC Services Card



How it works

Before you set up the app, make sure you protect your device.​ 

First, on your new device

open app

Go to the mobile device you want to set up the app on and open the BC Services Card app.


choose setup

Choose "Set Up".


Choose "Use my other mobile card that I have with me" and follow the instructions.


Then, on your existing device

choose qr

Choose to "Set up another mobile device".


You will get a QR code. You don't need to save this. This QR code will change every time you set up a mobile device.

Then, use your new device to scan the QR code on your existing device


In order to protect your identity, make sure to remove the app on your existing device – like if you no longer need it or are giving the device to another person.