Use the Card

The BC Services Card can be used as identification anywhere you currently present government-issued ID. It replaces the CareCard for access to health care services. The card expiry date is specified on your card. For most BC Services Cards, the renewal cycle is every five years.

Access Services

Eligible B.C. residents can use the BC Services Card to access services online and in person. Every BC Services Card has a chip embedded in it – similar to the ones used by debit cards in Canada. Chip technology allows you to access a service by tapping your card on a card reader. Card readers recognize your unique chip and the BC Services Card program validates your identity to the service provider.

Use the Card Online

Before using your BC Services Card for the first time to log in to an online service or your BC Services Card Account, you need to get a card and passcode and set up your card reader.

Make sure you have everything you need to set up and log in:

Log In

When all the things you need are ready, you can log in with your BC Services Card. After you have successfully logged in once, you won’t have to go through the set up process again.

Protect Your Card and Passcode

Access to your records is protected by a passcode, similar to the Personal Identification Number (PIN) you use with your bank card. You are responsible for all activities that occur using your card and protecting your passcode. It is important that you notify us if your card is lost or stolen.


While you may use the card to access different services, your privacy is still protected. For example, a health care provider will not be able to see your driving record, and a police officer or ICBC employee will not have access to your health records.