Card Features

Security Features

The BC Services Card meets the highest standards for integrity and security. The card was designed using the same security features as the BC Driver’s Licence.

Chip Technology

Every BC Services Card has a chip embedded in it - similar to the ones used by credit and debit cards in Canada.

The chips do not store any personal information. The chips do contain a unique personal account number, a chip expiry date and unique internal keys that are used to prove the chip is genuine.  It is almost impossible to duplicate the chip and it is locked when it is manufactured, meaning that it cannot be changed. This makes the BC Services Card very secure.

The chip must be tapped to be read. It is intended to be read by a card reader within close proximity.

The systems developed to support the BC Services Card Program also ensure that information is not inappropriately shared across the programs.

Chip technology will allow you to access a service by tapping your card on a card reader. It will recognize your unique chip and validate your identity to the service provider. It's important to note that the card does not store any personal records like your health or driving record.